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  • Here is a story.

    Jolting upwards in bed he was drenched with cold sweat the last thing he could remember was getting chopped up with an axe. That was it nothing else. He looked at the time it was 6:00 AM in the morning he had to get to school by 8:00 AM. Hmm I might as well just get up. He got up and per the usual he got dressed and did some homework by that time it was 7:00 AM his parents got up they got ready for their days he ate breakfast and pondered upon telling his parents about his dream after all it was pretty odd and it was the second one he has had in the past week. He decided not to say anything and just go to school like normal.

    “Bye mom and dad, I love you.” he managed to say before he left.

    “Are you ok honey?” said his mom.

    “Yes mom, of course. Bye now I love you.” he said as he left for school.
    He walked out the door and walked to school like he normally does accept today was different. He started to think he was seeing things but dismissed such an idea from his head because he knows there isn't anything as every time he would look back he thought he saw the shadow of a man creep out of sight. It was a big bulky figure and it almost looked as it had a large axe. BAM it hit him he realized that in his dream there was man with an axe but that was all he could remember. Hmm odd. He kept on walking down the street until he he felt somebody breathing down his neck he could feel the hair on his neck stand up. He looked back and saw the greasy figure of a lumberjack.

    “Excuse me, Do you want something?” he said the to lumberjack.

    “I would like your life, if that's ok with you.” whispered the lumberjack.

    “Uhh” he stuttered then bolted away as fast as he could.
    He ran as fast as he could. Sweat dripped from his forehead he had never run this hard in his life. What does he want I haven't done anything wrong. He slowed down. I lost him, I must have. He spun around instantly releasing he had no clue where he was. He looked at his watch.

    “What how is it already 9:00 AM,” he exclaimed. “I've been gone for a whole hour!”

    Taking a look at his surroundings he noticed he was near a forest he decided that it looked as if there was a glowing aura of something in the distance so he decided to walk towards it. After 20 minutes he had not found it but realized he was completely lost and he was seeing black figures in the distance.

    Shouting out to them he said, “Who are you and what do you want?” He heard nothing back accept low whispering then somebody yelling.

    “Come into the light closer so we can examine you.” said a mysterious figure.

    As he drew closer he noticed that they were big burly figures and were chopping down pine trees.

    He asked again, “Who are you guys, lumberjacks? What do you want?”

    He stepped a bit closer then before he knew he was swept off his feet and a bag was put over his head. Instantly everything went black and he was knocked out. To his knowledge a few minutes had gone by but he had no clue how long it really was. Have I been knocked out for hours? Days maybe? Where am I, this place smells really bad like pine trees and some other odd thingshe couldn't move he took account of his surroundings trying to formulate a plan of how to get out . As he looked down he realized that he was handcuffed and of this room. He took account that he was in a chair and handcuffed to it in a dark room with one window. He got up but quickly realized the chair was attached to his legs and hands. He then realized that the handcuffs were too small and he slipped his hands out easily. He then unscrewed the front legs of the chair and slipped the handcuffs that were on his feet off the chair freeing himself. He took one of the chair legs and broke the window but at that moment he heard somebody at the door.

    “HEY! What are you doing in there? Open the door!” said a lumberjack.

    The lumberjack kicked open the door, he was nowhere to be seen. Where do I go to get out of this place? He questioned to himself not knowing where to run in this rather large building. He head footsteps behind him and ran as fast as he could. He was cornered.

    A lumberjack slowly teased “There's no escape now your doom is eminent.”

    Opinions in the comments?

  • Thank you.

  • Actually really nice. Interesting plot and dialogue. Might want to work on that punctuation and grammar or else the grammar nazis will devour you

  • @smite105385721 I turned this into my english teacher and got a 70% so I am happy for now.

  • @Peahnut No problem.

  • Nice story!

  • @SquishyDog77 Thanks

  • Lolz I feel like its so long people gave up on reading it.

  • Wow, great story, this is awesome [:

  • He looked around him only to notice an escape path.
    He slided underneath the lumberjacks couch, got up and ran to the nearest door area.
    By the second he entered the room, he closed the door and grabbed a broken down chair and placed it underneath the door lock.
    There was an open window in the room.
    He climbed on some bookshelves and got out of the building.
    He could see the fences that were surrounding the building, that seemed to be a wood factory.
    The same wood factory everybody said was haunted.
    he heard the door fall and the lumberjack get it.
    He quickly ran towards the fence entrance of the building, only to hear the footsteps of the old lumberjack trying to catch him.
    he sprinted so fast, and he managed to get away a bit more from the lumberjack.
    He got out of the building fence. He was very exhausted.
    He kept running until he got into the city. He ran into the nearest police station.
    When he got into the police station, he noticed that every cop there was dead. The lumberjack got into the police station asweal. He was trapped. "Ho no! what's this situation I got myself in... Now, i'm going to die... By this crazy old lumberj--" -TICK-TICK-TICK- Sounds of an alarm clock. He woke up. He was sweating all over, he was really cold, his heartbeat was fast and was shaking.
    He looked around. He was laying in his bed. The poster on the wall, The gaming setup, his school bag and his dog; They were all there. "What... happened..?" "Where, no, what? Who?"
    He looked at the alarm clock. It was 7:30AM.
    He was slowly starting to relax.
    He realised it was all a dream, inside of a dream.
    It wasn't only a regular dream, but it was a lucid nightmare.
    His heartbeat was going down, and so did he.
    He changed his cloths, brushed his teeth and his hair and went downstairs.
    His parents were there. "Good morning!"
    He said: "Good morning! Mom, dad."
    He got outside. It was a bit cold. Many clouds covered the light blue sky, and the sun.
    He was slowly walking to his school.
    He thought he saw a shadow. He looked over. Nothing. "I guess i'm just seeing things..."
    He walked a few more steps. He thought he felt someone's breath on his neck. he turned around. Nothing. It was just the wind.
    "Ugh, what's with me! It was all just a dark dream, nothing else! I should just smile, and it will all be ok."
    And so he did, started smiling. He got into his school in time.
    It was another ordinary day for him.

    It was all, just a dream.

    Eyyy, that's my ending of the story!
    English isn't my native language, so expect some grammar and spelling mistakes :P
    Tell me what you think of it! ^^

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  • All of these were nice stories loved them! :D

  • @Sonarize Heehee! I didn't want the poor guy to die! ^^

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  • @BlueberryLeg Aight I'm going to be honest. That was pretty good.

  • @TheTrueAvocado thanks! ^^

  • There once was an Elf, who had an ant as a pet.
    He loved his little pet so much; he would feed
    him whatever he wanted in his bowl,
    Plus table scraps, especially if there was
    something the Elf did not wish to eat.
    The ant, would gobble it up, lick his lips and
    wiggle his hips,And whine for more!
    The ant would even eat it off the floor.
    The more he fed the ant, the bigger he got.
    He got bigger and bigger and ate a lot!
    Until one day the Ant could not even fit in a room, and the
    Elf had to give him to the Zoo.
    Now everyone comes to the Zoo to see the Elf's Ant, and
    feed him peanuts, his favorite snack.
    They all knew he used to be owned by an Elf, so now they
    call him the Elephant.
    And they all lived happily there after.

    The end.

  • We should have more stories xD

  • Once there was a man named Nadri and he died

    -The End. Done.

  • There was an ugly barnacle he was so ugly everybody died. The end.

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