The Coast - New minigame server!

  • The Coast Network is my favourite up-and-coming Minecraft network, featuring high quality minigames and full gamemodes that are 100% custom coded!

    Mineplex and Hypixel have gotten really stale now and that's why I love The Coast so much as it is bringing something fun and fresh to Minecraft.

    Everything integrates really well and makes it super enjoyable to play with my friends. They even have a new translation feature with support for multiple languages which is rolling out across the network!

    The Coast is only a small server at the moment, but it's got huge potential because of the cool original gamemodes. You should come and join me!

    Famous YouTuber Stacyplays also played Survival Games on The Coast!

    alt text

    You can play at the IP to see all the minigames and gamemodes!

    I've had the privilege to work at The Coast for a while now, and I can't wait for you to play with me!
    Have you played on the server before? What's your favourite feature?

  • Version of Minecraft?

  • @Flash You can log on and play minigames with 1.8 or higher, but Coast Survival requires 1.11

  • New Lucky Sky Wars Minigame is out now and very popular, come and play with me! :smile:

  • I love the new Whirlpool game, it's an awesome PVP battle in a giant water arena!

    alt text

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