Who would you take a bullet for and why?

  • My parents for being supportive and with me whenever I need them

  • Take a bullet for my lil doggo named Oscar :angel:

  • If it's for only one person I wouldn't take it, and I guess my parents wouldn't want me to take a bullet for them. So I guess I'll take it for my nonexistense child

  • I'd take a bullet for a tree. <3 Nature <3

  • #Take a Bullet for HARAMBE!!!

  • No1 Because i have no friends

  • The person I'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger :hearts:

  • Am I emo yet?

  • i actually would take a bullet for Josh Dun or Tyler Joseph
    whoever I need to sacrifice myself for <3

  • @Peahnut i'd take a bullet for my siblings, parents, family, and every single one of my pets because i love them all. <3

  • I'd take a bullet for my mother & my best friend. My mom is one of the best people you'll ever meet, she is the one that keeps me living. I'd take a bullet for my best friend because he's helped me come out of depression. God bless. ;( <3

  • To be honest I don't think I would take a bullet for anybody. That just seems like a waste of a life.

  • Trump <3

  • #Take a Bullet for everyone cause i love yall

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