Yo. Kirschstein here.

  • Why hello there, nice to meet you all.
    Welcome to my introduction.

    I'm JeanKirschstein, or just Jean (Which is pronounced like the English „Jan“!), previously known as Marliwie, and I'm 16 years old, with my birthday being on the 10th of July, 2000.
    I'm genderfluid / FTM transgender and bisexual.
    I was born in Germany and still live there, planning to move to America in the future though, for whatever reason. I also prefer English over German.

    So to go from real life to Minecraft life, I've been playing Minecraft since June 2012. Already spent 1,160.70 Euros on the game in general so far, too.
    I only play on the HiveMC server (IP: play.hivemc.com), since I'm a moderator there and my entire freetime is dedicated to that. There you can mainly find me in the regular hubs.

    Okay, I never know how to write introductions without getting too personal, like my profile already is.

    So I believe I saw something like „The staff reserve the right to restrict anyone's usage of the forums if they believe the user is having a negative impact on the community“ in the rules.
    To this, if I didn't misunderstand, I hope you'll all still welcome and accept me, because I tend to often turn down communities with my honest negativity. However I try my best to keep it all good.

    Alright, hopefully we'll all have a great time.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

    Have a great day or night.

  • ey wasup jean nice to meet you hope you enjoy your stay c;

  • welcome to the community !

  • you sound like a p cool person

    Welcome to the community

  • Glad to welcome you here ^_^

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