Forum Ideas!

    1. There was a rumor going around that they'll be prizes added soon, (I've mentioned this before in a different forum) Maybe like ranks for different reps? Ex: 10 Reps = Starter 50 = known etc

    2. Adding on to the ranks, the reps could have a different color? For ex: 50 rep = blue. Or even bolder or italic or underlined etc

    3. Make the wait time shorter to 10 seconds, and make the limit for rep higher to 10.

    4. Add polls! (That'd be cool)

    5. Make official groups

    That's pretty much all the ideas I have for NameMc Forums, it's just some cool ideas I came up with that maybe in the future the Staff can look at.

  • Sweet idea

  • Banned

    Yeah I’m pretty sure I saw a post saying “what is reputation for” and I believe a mod replied with “it’s basically how popular you are, we’re gonna be adding prizes soon"

  • That would be cool.


  • This rep stuff is gonna cause a lot of controversies though.

  • Banned

    I also think It’d be cool if certain people would be “verified”, like the top posters or highest rep, (mods have ranks but could also be “verified”)

  • @DownAndDirty oh my god, yes

    ~~totally not saying this because I'm in the leaderboard ~~

    1. I think it would be cool to get small badges that appear under your profile picture instead of having ranks for reputation.
    2. Adding on to this, it would be neat if getting a certain amount of posts on the forums will give you more access to changes you can make in your signature, for example at 0 posts, you don't have anything but at 20, you could be granted with the ability to use bold in the signature. at 50 you can use the color blue, at 75 you can use the color green and so on. Notice me Forum Ownerssss
    3. I think the wait time should be slightly shorter, but not that short. It should be like 50 seconds. I agree that they should lift the rep up to 10 though.
    4. I think they are working on it. There is a section of the forums for it but you can't post anything there (last time I checked). For now you can just use Strawpoll like I have.
    5. Yes, they should have 2 types of groups
    • Staff Groups
    • Member Groups

  • Banned

    @Mannors seems legit m80

  • #NameMcStaffNoticeMePlease

  • Regarding #2 I was kinda thinking the same thing with just NameMC alone like with having your name link appear a different color for having a certain minecon cape or a certain amount of page views. Also I'd really like to see #4 making asking questions more clear or sorted idk.

  • That sounds cool!

  • Yea namemc should have that!

  • Owner

    1, I'm going to add rewards but there's only so much the forums can do and all the rep/post farming needs to be more regulated before we give rewards for it. But that'll come soon. I'm not sure how much we can do as far as adding colors and stuff without a lot of work, but we'll see.

    2, Answered in #1

    3, I would do that if people weren't spamming so much. Ideally there'd be a longer wait between posting new topics, but a shorter wait between posting new replies.

    4, I plan on it.

    5, Gonna.

    6, Sorry for the very late reply, been very busy but I'm going through all the suggestion threads now.

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