Doing This Introduction thing.~

  • Hi everyone, I thought I better introduce my self, because I want to get to know the other people on the NameMC community!

    Firstly getting to which country I stay in, and what age I am: I'm from Scotland, born and raised here! Along with being Scottish, I am also a little bit Irish, I am also 19! (P.S. No the accent is terrible.)

    Secondly, what stuff do I like to do/play?: Well I like to play video games as you can tell, I also watch anime. A long with all of this I play football, and tennis, hike, and walk my dogs. I also like to do coding in my spare time, and make graphics, and music. (I want to be a DJ.) Also I support The Glasgow Rangers! I also speak 7 different languages all fluently, they are as followed: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese

    You may be asking what music do you like?; Well, I like all music, with the exception of some heavy metal, and pop songs. I have a full spotify playlist which is public. Feel free to ask for it

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Welcome @NotIain to the NameMC forums! Hope you enjoy your time here

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