It's 144!

  • Hello everyone, I am 144. You may know me as LOLCaatz. (Please don't judge I chose that username 4 years ago :dizzy_face: )

    I have played this game since beta 1.8, currently I mostly play creative servers but I find survival and hunger games extremely fun too.

    I am a former moderator on which was at one point a huge creative plot server. I love to build, especially content that others use and I get to influence the gameplay of, such as PVP arenas or parkour builds.

    I chose this username because I saw a lot of people with generic word usernames after the update ("Planets", "Fabulous", etc) and I wanted something original! I decided to go with a short number username because they seemed extremely uncommon... most people liked it.

  • welcome o/

  • Welcome to the community!

  • aye 12Β², fancy seeing you here. (;

  • @blurrhiface of course, it's good to see you people on here too!

  • yoyoyo 144

  • @144 I wish I had the same idea of going for a short name xD
    Welcome to the forums

  • Welcome to the community.

  • I wish I have alts for names xD
    Love your name
    Welcome to the community! <3

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