f you could eat only 3 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

  • f you could eat only 3 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?

  • @Uncontrol said in f you could eat only 3 foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?:

    f you


    but fr, it'd probably be mac & cheese, chicken pot pies, and pizza :^)

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  • @SquishyDog77 My dream!!

  • Bacon bacon and more bacon
    If that's possible, I hope it is

  • Chicken, rice, and tofu. :)

  • • fries
    • rice ( Im asian I need rice )
    • Boneless buffalo wings

  • Baguette, spaghetti & hamburger

  • Deep dish pizza,spaghetti and chips'n dip

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    @SquishyDog77 An abundance of noodles in a diet are very unhealthy. Noodles have virtually no nutrients or vitamins, which do not provide your body with the required subsistence to function. This can lead to unhealthy bones, brain fog, fatigue, and a host of other symptoms that will overall lower your physical state. In addition, noodles are a big trigger for constipation, which in turn can also lead to rectal cancer. In addition, most generic noodles that are sold contain many chemicals and artificial ingredients to make it "taste good." Noodles are nothing but wheat, oil, and flavor enhancers, which contain more than plenty sodium for a daily intake. These alone can lead to high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which in turn lead to diabetes and heart disease.

    Subway sandwiches all use many processed ingredients which can lead to a number of other health concerns. These processed ingredients may be used to make the food taste better, but it eliminates most of the nutritional value of the food. The bread, lettuce, cheese, meat, and almost every other ingredient in the sandwich has been infused with many toxic chemicals that come with preservatives, colorants, and texturants in order to make their food "taste good." These chemicals have not only been proven to cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, decreased function of the immune system, and obesity, but also make you addicted to the food. The companies that enrich these foods do it for the sole purpose of having a consumer purchase more and more of that same food which "tasted good." When I say they "tasted good," I meant that the host of chemicals in the food affects their brain's chemistry and chases that huge release of dopamine it got when it first tried that delicious processed subway sandwich. This addiction just enhances all of the health concerns I listed earlier, especially obesity.

    On the note of lemonade, I need to ask you SquishyDog77, do you like the health of your teeth? I got six words for you, neutral chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis. In short, this basically means your body's chemistry shifts to the left side of the pH scale and becomes more acidic, mainly due to a highly-acidic diet. Obviously, an excess amount of acidic subsistence can lead to tooth decay or erosion. The sugars and acid react with the bacteria in your teeth to produce more acid which will react with the weak spots of your tooth and burn a hole. If you continue with this lemonade-only crusade of a diet, you will produce plenty of cavities in no time. Another major side effect of lemonade is heartburn. Your body's pH levels are kept relatively healthy at a pH of 7.4 (fairly close to neutral). Now Mr. Dog, when one dumps nothing but a drink filled with nothing but high fructose corn syrup, lemons, and a pH of 2.6 into your body, things get a little bad. You can easily get heartburn, which would require you to take some sort of antacid, or a base, such as Tums. The tums will cause an acid-base reaction in your body, which may sound scary at first, but actually is good for you. It will try to balance out the pH of your body, this is called neutralization. Now this neutralization is good, because with the excess amount of acid in your bloodstream, your bones will get weak and your cells will lose the ability to repair themselves.

    On top of all of this, there is still a major issue with gluten in your diet that will lead to your gut not being able to absorb the minimal nutrients you ARE getting from noodles, subway sandwiches, and lemonade. This is because the gluten from the wheat and preservatives will coat your stomach and small intestine, causing them to take in a smaller amount of nutrients.

    Thank you for reading @SquishyDog77, and I hope you make some lifestyle choices before your doctor makes them for you.

  • @Hapoo woah man, u smart or what?!

  • Hater :-: :thumbsdown:

  • @Hapoo That is very tryhard of you sir.

  • I need noodles in my life
    #I'm Asian

  • Now I'm Triggered >.<

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    @TheTrueAvocado I'm trying to educate the youth of the NameMC Community and letting them know of better options for their own health : )

  • I would eat mac and cheese pizza and mountain dew. It seems very healthy.

  • Vegetable stir fried rice / yes i am asian

    Bread, the wholemeal stuff B^)


    Probably some water lol am I healthy enough Hapoo sama desu

  • @Shikokus Lol. Okkk

  • @Hapoo

    Food is there to give us energy from nutrients. No one can survive on eating few types of food for the rest of their lifetime. Our bodies runs on specific nutrients to properly function (carbohydrates, fat, protein, and water, for instance). Without the adequate amount of nutrients, our bodies will subsequently fail to its lethal consequences. If you happened to eat one food for the rest of your life, your body would fail to synthesize on its own. In regard to the question of this thread, our bodies would obviously not receive the necessary nutrients. Moreover, most answers replied are likely to lead up to a string of problems.

    anyway, what I'm trying to get by is that no matter what few foods you pick, it wouldn't be as nearly as sufficient to run the human body, a body made up of intellectual complex systems (the dark truth, how horrific ik). There is no win-win situation in picking healthier choices if we are strictly limited to picking at least 3 (in regard to this thread).

    Back to the pasta thing, I wasn't specific on what type of pasta. I was vague on it for a reason to give me a range of more options (although, I'd still have deficiencies.. it would give me a better chance? lol).

    oh and I just had to respond.

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