Worst injury you have had! GROSS!

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    Tell us about your most painful or disgusting injuries!

    When I was about 9 I had a scooter which I would ride around in the backyard. And stupid young me decided I'd be fine without shoes or socks on. I managed to get my little pinky toe jammed between the breaks and back wheel, almost completely cutting it off. Surprisingly, with it still dangling to my foot, I wasn't screaming in pain. I remember standing at the back door, and not wanting to come inside the house because my biggest concern was getting blood on the carpet.

  • i got 3rd degree chemical burns on my legs at school when i was 8 due to cleaner fluid drenching them.

  • @Belle owch :cry:

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    i died because i can

  • I've never broken a bone. However, falling off my ripstick and sliding down my driveway hurt a lot. :(

  • When I was a smol kiddo my room had a glass door and me being smol I couldn't reach the door knob to get out so I thought what better way then to smash through the glass! :> Resulted in me rushed to hospital blood everywhere and a tons of stiches up my arm :angel:

    I've also broken my collarbone and dislocated my shoulder at the same time playing rugby :)

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    I’ve never really had a massive injury but once when I was 5 i scraped my knee on the wall of my pool and i scratched a broken tile, the blood went everywhere, it wasn’t too bad tho

  • AHHAHAHA when I was 9 I was riding my bike with my dad and a dog barked at me so I slowed down and the bike just fell over crushing my whole body.. My dad was like "HOLY SHIT?!?" We walked back to my house with my hands drenched in blood and scars all over my legs and arms, my dad said "you didn't break anything it's just a little cut." (ha, bitch what?) I went to the hospital and sure enough I broke all my fingers which cause me from being Right Handed to Left Handed. ;) I still have scars from it, but I love them. shows that i'm a badass, i'm really not tbh.

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    @Oaf Nice. Oaf 1 - 0 Door

  • @Clqire Reminds me of the time I was mountain biking with my dad and I fell of a cliff and was hanging onto a tree with my bike stuck on my legs and my dad says "SAM PASS ME THE BIKE" I instantly let go and fell to my death.

  • @Oaf you're so smart

  • @Xeronsis I one punched that door #GETROCKED

  • @Clqire I'm kidding I didn't die but that's a true story, what a bad father amirght!? poor me hangin off a cliff and he'd rather save the bike ;-;

  • Don't think this is worse like your injuries
    Like a month ago I sprained both of my ankles (Twice) and it looked like I needed a cane or something

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  • @Oaf I wish you died.

    i'm kidding pls don't hate meeee <3

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    @SquishyDog77 I'm pretty sure everyone has rolled their ankles before. More than once.

  • @Oaf @Clqire
    Wow can't believed that happened to you guys
    Good thing you guys are okay

  • @Xeronsis frikn invisible potholes on the ruby fields get me every time. feelssadman

  • #Still Feels Stupid AF

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