Best Minecraft mod you've ever used?

  • i like Tweaks Inventory and for sure Optifine :P

  • lets eliminate optifine here, it's the best, but the mod i love that actually modifies the models, etc. would be biomes o' plenty. it's a really aesthetically cute mod.

  • I like labymod, when you install it, it adds/gives you options about other mods such as optifine (and also installs them) damage indicator (I don't use it cause most servers don't allow it) :confused: minimaps, etc. It's really clean and nice xD no more 5 min forge loader

  • labymod is a blessing !!

  • BlockMania Administrator

    OptiFine, and OpfiFine only. Best mod too, everyone uses it.

  • I would say Better PvP because it incorporates a lot of features like Status hud, Armor hud, health display for other entities, and unique notifications for low health and hunger. However there are some things in the mod that are not allowed on some servers like the better sprint and the mini-map.

  • @belle Agreed, but I've played some cool other stuff.
    I think biomes o' plenty or BOP incorporates a less heavy but still large amount of content.

  • Biomes o' plenty is v pretty

    I love mob girl models because I'm a weeb C:

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