18+ section

  • Could we have a 18+ section? With some actual verification that can't be faked so we know the people are 18+. it might be more engaging for a elder niche than the general mix of the whole community being 15 and under...

  • Banned

    Im am for sure not 18 or older but you have a good point

  • BlockMania Administrator

    @Ban we're not gonna be checking ID, lmao.

  • @zagghz Ikr! It's just the whole community is a hugbox due to the morality system reinforced by the reputation system, its so.. restricting
    @Mooshroom I know that you can't check ID. I mean't a method of verification that can't be faked. Etc pay-pal verification (you can't fake it, and its very much useless to forge) Like purchasing a premium pass would allow people access to the premium areas, and etc.

  • it's such a mix of people; if this forum gets larger, it'll be a shitfest if there's no rules regarding harassment & filters in the future. this place is just waiting for toxic people to come and slap everyone up. lol

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