Nike or Adidas? (or sandwiches)

  • Well, personally, I am a Hobbit, so . . . I don't wear shoes. But sandwiches are nice!

  • applesauce

  • Banned

    Obviously Harambe

  • What about Harambe eating an Applesauce sandwich?

  • Banned

    I can picture that....... I went to The Cincinnati Zoo when i was younger, and boy ill tell you he is a big one.... or... WAS a big one

  • Harambe and Triggered XD

  • food :']

  • @zagghz Oh no ;-; I'm gonna go sit in a dark corner of the room and eat chocolate ice cream, but get most of it on my face, not in my face, then I will cry into the ice cream and make a delicious chocolate drink.

  • Who wears sandwiches on their shoes? NORMAL PEOPLE THATS RIGHT


  • @Somersaults You are so right.

  • Adidas <3

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