what's your most awkward moment??

  • ive had too many // cringe
    :blush: i've fallen too many times, stop talking during a presentation, etc etc.. i'm honestly just terrible at socializing and i'm pretty darn awkward.
    i guess i'm just curious if other people are as socially awkward or just as awkward in general as me. c:

  • omg I don't even know I've had so many, I'll just go with the time I ... SHIT IDK WHAT tO sAY. I do some weird shit in public so I tend to hide inside my room to not embarrass myself. lol

  • Banned

    I once pooped my pants when i was singing in a play on stage, obviously this wasn't when i was younger wink wink

  • i was taking a test and i started choking on air and it was so embarrassing, so i tried to stop coughing, but i ended up just looking like a tomato and it was agghhhh

  • @cuddle haha, same tbh cx who needs to go outside when you can stay inside and avoid public embarrassment ?! <3

  • I once ate without holding hands

  • @zagghz ohmYLORD i've never done any as embarrassing as that. x) but since you were younger i guess it's ok ;)
    what were you singing that made you poop on stage? lmao

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    I dont remember i think it was just like a romio juliet thing

  • @Suaces agh same!! it always happens when everyone is quiet or taking a test during the middle of class. suddenly i start choking or get some awful itch in my throat. my eyes water and i look like a tomato as well x) honestly my life tbh :^*

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    there was another time when i was talking with someone i liked, i suddenly puked all over then, since then i never heard from them xd
    Also i hate it when i have to cough or sneeze and it is so quiet you just hold it in, and when you let it old it feels like everyone looks at you.

  • @lyvm
    SAME IKR!!!

  • @Kihta oof how embarrassing x) like holding hands while praying over a meal or what? do you always just eat while holding hands? seems hard - having to eat with just your face. i always accidently start eating while we say grace, its pretty awkward ill be honest <3

  • @lyvm lol

  • This post is deleted!

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    Lol my life is so embarrassing, i swear im not making this up, I went to the parade for thanksgiving last year, and there was a bunch of weird, calm, chill people around me, and i felt that i could just let out the biggest fart in history of my life, it was so embarrassing when everyone moved away from me and burst out laughing.

  • @zagghz honestly you do some awkward things buddy. pooping on stage, puking on your crush. cringe cx I hate it when i sneeze during the pledge of allegiance or during the middle of some big assembly - all those hateful glares :sweat:

  • Banned

    But other than those and the thanksgiving thing
    nothing embarrassing happens because i literally wake up thinking to myself, i will not do anything embarrassing( i hope )

  • @Sonarize yeah, i read your apology, what was it actually about, i'm pretty confused :laughing:
    but that's hella awkward

  • @zagghz AGH CRINGE - farting in public is something that can for sure make you feel awkward, especially when everyone knows it was you ;c

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