Minecraft account hacked!

  • Ok this account got hacked and for some reason google will not let me change my password as the hacker got into that as well.

    They changed my e-mail to MC so I can't reset it so do you guys have any ideas on how to do this? :(

  • Contact with Mojang support and TiD it.

  • I don't have a way to get the TID XD

  • Lots of people's passwords have been requested to change due to suspicious activity today, me being one of them, it's really weird.

  • @cuddle Yeah, i got an email about suspicious activity on my account today too. Changed all my passwords and security questions.

  • @CanadianEGirl Same, changed the email, pass, questions, everything. Really freaked me out, idk what's going on.

  • What! #Feels bad :(

  • If you set security questions you should be fine.

  • @Bdog that was the only account i didnt do it for because i hadn't used the account in years when i first got hacked so I didn't think it'd be an issue after i wiped my pc

  • @cuddle YES OMG. SO ANNOYING

  • Delete the account.

  • @Bdog BadDog

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Contact Mojang Support with a TID or some form of receipt from you card you used.

  • @Mooshroom I did and it's been 3 days since I sent it and no response lol. and @6xo no lol. Even if I wanted to delete the account how would I go about doing so? I don't have access to the account..

  • @6x0 no. Wtf

  • Had this happen to me 2 times with my alts, make SURE you have the PROOF OF PURCHASE! This is critical in recovering your account.

    In the event you don't have that, make sure you know these things and can hand this info over to Mojang support.
    #1. How the account was bought, via Credit/Debit card, PayPal, or a prepaid card in a store.
    #2. If it was a prepaid card in a store which store you bought it from and which city it was located in.
    #3. Security questions, the date and month and year you got Minecraft and the location you usually sign in from.

    and usually with that information Mojang support will be able to give your account back to you, but they won't help you again if you loose it after this so BE CAREFUL! Security is no joke. Side note, if the person who stole your account changes your username to something unpleasant, you'll have to wait the 30 days and it'll remain on your name change history, sadly they cannot clear or undo name changes, so sorry if that happens to you.

    PS. It takes about 24 hours on weekdays for Mojang support to reply to you, and they don't work on weekends so you won't get a response until Monday if you send them a request on the weekends.

  • Mojang needs two step auth.. good thing i intentionally EMAIL LOCK my OG's so nobody can change the emails while i let google do it's magic.

  • @Ban Ohh, so that's why I couldn't change the email back on Gasp cause you email locked it after you fucking scammed me?

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