What are you thankful for in minecraft?

  • What are you thankful for in minecraft? I've seen these on twitter and decided to try and twist it up a bit!

    I am thankful for Spigot because I have no idea what to do without it.

  • I'm thankful that Minecraft has given me the opportunity to meet and work with so many different people. I've made so many friends and I'm so grateful that I know them.

  • I'm thankful bc of all the good hours of gameplay, best 20$ i've spend

  • Everything :)

  • i'm thankful for multiplayer bc i'd be lonely without it

  • @Suaces said in What are you thankful for in minecraft?:

    i'm thankful for multiplayer bc i'd be lonely without it

    That's some obvs shit right there lmao

  • @Kihta yeah lmao

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  • @watahoe shut up bastard

  • This post is deleted!

  • The friends that I used to have who have matured into bipolar/jealous jerks, but they were nice when we were all kids.

    And the friend that I realised lives in my town and now we're really good friends in real life.

  • My squad, bc without them I'd be nothing and I love them
    also all of my friends from mc i love them allll

    and i found an old friend i knew irl and i met them again thru mc yeet

  • The community bc making friends on mc is so simple and honestly it's so fun being around others <3

  • All my E-Friends

  • im thankful for MC because without it, i would not have met the amazing friends i have to this day.
    its quite cool, isn't it, since we get to meet people we wouldn't be able to meet irl.

  • The community and everyone I've met ((:
    I've actually met someone irl that I met over Minecraft and we plan to meet up again ayyyy

  • Everything ^-^

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  • Banned

    For meeting my first and only close friend of mine.


    WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE (Two years ago)!

    Welp, back down to zero close friends.


    Killing time...?

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