How much time do you spend on minecraft?...

  • How much time do you spend on minecraft?...

  • like a lot of time

  • I used to be so very active but I've not been as much since recently but for my lil thanksgiving vacation I'm gonna probably wasting my time on this forums & afking on BM. :p x'D

  • On my breaks, a lot. But on school days, half an hour.

  • rn, im currently afk on bm ( @cuddle ) and im spending way more time on the forums xD | but usually a lot

  • I don't go on a lot during the weekdays because of school, I would go on for 2-3 and on the weekends whenever I want to stop >.<

  • in the summer I usually spend like 3-5 hours a day lmao

    I rarely play now because of school tho /: I'm a lot more active on server forums no matter when

  • If I mean a lot...
    I mean a lot!

  • this is something i don't want to admit

  • Over time, it's disappointing I used to question how people would have 1-2k hours on CS:GO soon to realise how much time I've spent on minecraft. I honestly couldn't count it all.

  • I used to spend hours and hours on mc but it started getting boring and now I only spend like half an hour playing it every day

  • More then a lifetime

  • probably a lot, but since I only do school for about 1-4 hours a day, I have loads of extra time.

  • Weekdays 3 hours weekend 14+ hours.

  • 9 am to 12 am everyday. HELLOOOO, IT'S HOLIDAYS FOR MEEE

  • Sunday: 80% of my time most Sundays
    Monday: 1-3 hours most Mondays
    Tuesday: 1-3 hours most Tuesdays
    Wednesday: 1-3 hours most Wednesdays
    Thursday: 1-3 hours most Thursday's
    Friday: 1-2 hours most Fridays
    Saturday: 65% of my time most Saturdays

  • too fucking much that's how much

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