Would you rather!!!

  • Would you rather be a Pokémon go addict OR be a Roblox addict??

    Leave your answers below! Also ask more would you rather in the comments!!! Have fun guys!

  • Roblox of course is that even a question?

  • I would rather be a Pokemon go addict.

    Would you rather eat poop flavored chocolate or chocolate flavored poop?

  • Pokémon go because I would go outside !11!1

  • Roblox is gr8 + club penguin.

  • @Oaf yes. It is. You see a "?" Means question. Jk <3

  • neither, they're both irrelevant

  • @purplesword chocolate flavored poop!!!!

  • I've never played either but pokemon go seems kinda fun??

    would you rather have a premium club penguin membership or the highest rank on a mc server

    club penguin obvs

  • This post is deleted!

  • Pokemon Go so I'd be going outside like a normal humAn. ;p

  • @Oaf ya (8)

  • Pokemon Go Ftw <3 alt text

  • @Squidiipaws
    I don't play CP, so I would be forced to choose "highest rank on a MC server." And isn't the highest rank on a MC server owner? Man, that'd be too much responsibility for me to keep up with (nopenope).

    Would you rather be invisible or ignored?

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