• Ok so dont get me wrong it was fun boosting rep to start the forums off but i think the forum is now getting over run with just free rep posts

  • I agree with you @Blue

  • I liked when everyone was discussing about random crap :c

  • Banned

    Sameeee, lol so true though

  • Too Many Peeps Keep Posting These "Free Reputation" Posts, When It's Against The Rules. I'm Honestly Here On The Forums To Meet New People, Not Getting Free Rep :c. I Hope All These "Free Rep" Pages Stop. Also, According To Rule #6 Peeps Can Get Banned. (Yes, I Did Reply To A Free Rep Thing, But Didn't Read The Rules. Lesson To Learn: Read Da Rules :D !!!)

  • @yeriin said in Reputation:

    I liked when everyone was discussing about random crap :c

    It was fun, yeh xD

  • @Pomeranians Bad copypasta. Go away, you ignorant! Bye! See you right back in the hell!

  • @ybi I Didn't Copy This, I Mean What I Said.

  • @ybi All I'm Saying Is That I'm Against All These Free Reputation Posts. If You Have A Problem With The Way I Write Than You Can Just Tell Me :l You Don't Need To Put All These Insults. ( Also Something I Do Is That I Capitalize The First Letter In My Sentences. Check Out My Posts. You'll See. I Only Have One Without All The Capital Letters Because I Was On My Phone.)

  • Yea Ppl keep posting stuff like gimmie free rep~

  • @Pomeranians I cannot stand when people Capitalize Every Single Letter Like This. Please stop, it's incorrect grammar and I cannot bear it :/

  • @YoureBadThough It's A Habit :P.

  • ye 35 is enough for me

  • @YoureBadThough My sister tells me the same thing lol XD X3.

  • @Pomeranians said in Reputation:

    @YoureBadThough It's A Habit :P.

    I'd break the habit- it honestly just makes it harder to read and takes more effort to type on your side. So it's a lose-lose situation tbh.

  • @Quack I don't really do it often. (I don't do it in school either) but I will probably stop doing that if its super hard to read. :)

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