How many skins have you had?

  • So, how many skins have you had? I've had a ton, probably around 150-250.
    How many have you had?

  • I have one skin that I twin with my irl mate with c; it's pretty sick tho :)

  • I've had so many, I've deleted most off namemc or had them b4 the update

    probably around 100 as well?

  • I've had legit over 1,000 probably

  • I've had so many I cant even count them all >.< But I delete them !

  • Probably over 300 but I deleted them all but still have a huge folder with 500 random skins I plan on either finish making or using. x'D

  • Like 5-7.
    My very first skin was a Goku (used it like two weeks), then made a Mello skin (which is my official skin), and I had something more random like a customized Iron Golem, a regular Golem, a red Freezer (from dbz), and a red penguin aswell.

  • Banned

    like at least 100 probably, but i deleted the cringe ones ;)

  • @xNathan By my fault the console of the skins history must be to explode

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