Favorite mineplex game?

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    there is so many different mini games on mineplex but there has to be at last one that is your favorite!
    Mine personally is either Dragon Escape or Gladiators, thy are both really fun.

  • Micro Battle and Skywars!

  • tURF WARS is my love, also speed builders is pretty yeet too

  • micro battle for sure

  • I love Wizards but it's very unpopular ;-;

  • Runner, till they removed it ffs

    I love Bridges tho, that's my #1 now

    or DMT because I'm good at it lol

  • Sheep game oml (Snake)

  • Banned

    Wait what!? they removed it!!!!?

  • I quite like Dominate, Skywars and Turf Wars.

  • @zagghz it's only available in mixed arcade and player servers :,0

  • I really enjoy the draw my thing game, think it's called pixel painters?

  • Banned

    Darnit i loved runner
    lol i always loved cheating, going on minechat and floating the whole game lol

  • Hunger Games[HG] is life!!!!

  • @xAndr0 why did you post on a 17 day old topic.

  • @6x0 So what if it is 17 days old?

  • All I do is sweat SW, so I'm gonna say SW

  • snake and one in the quiver. I'm better at snake though

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