hey! im liquidroses

  • hello everyone!
    my username is liquidroses, but you can call me ava:)
    i just joined the community section of namemc, it's pretty cool

    my fav things to do are play video games (usually mc and pokemon), play soccer (my team won 1st this year!), and draw and paint. (i have won in an art show;)

    friend me on hypixel or mineplex!
    thank you, and happy thanksgiving!

  • you got a gr8 name in-game and irl :,0

    welcome to the community/forums

  • Welcome ava!

  • hey ava, welcome <3! (that username is beautifullll)

  • Welcome to the land of sad memes and dank dreams! Cool name too ava c;

  • welcome o/

  • Hey liquidroses! here's a meaningless fact Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a belly button

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