well, hi...

  • well hi i'm convah.
    i like to watch anime, play this block game and other games like osu, starbound, skyrim & terraria. hopefully i can talk to some people here or something idk. ok bye now. o/

  • heY, osu is my addiction (even though i suck at it) and welcome!

  • Welcome to the community!

  • osu and block game are fun :^) I'm awful at both of them

    welcome to the forums yo

  • Welcome to this amazing section of the internet! ^-^

  • dudeee whats your osu username, I should add you and you should ad me ;3
    Mine's Wee btw

  • @Shigetorah it's Convah (lol)

  • Hey Convah :) welcome to the forums

  • welcome o/

  • Hey how are you? Welcome to the forums!

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