Favorite thanksgiving tradition or food?

  • My family doesn't really have traditions but my favorite meal on thanksgiving is probably the stuffing honestly. Hope you all have a great evening c:
    What's your fave? :turkey: :fork_knife_plate: :fallen_leaf:

  • My favorite is the Stuffing too ! But you can't have thanksgiving without the mashed potatoes :p

  • we don't have any traditions, but I LOVE PUMPKIN PIE SO MUCH and then i drown it in whipped cream and mmmm

  • @Suaces OMG SAME. I lOVe iT, made my mom buy some lAst miNute. x'D

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    Awsome question!
    I really like stuffing, its soooo good
    We also have a tradition to watch the marathon

  • bread and pie, that's pretty much it.

  • @Mannors true, but our potatoes aren't always the best idk. I cAn't stAnd yams tho omg. I wish I liked them!!

  • Mashed. Potatoes. And. Gravy.

  • We don't have thankgiving in New Zealand

  • my family doesn't have traditions either lmao
    my favorite is pistachio fluff, literally the best thing ever

  • @Squidiipaws woah what is pistachio fluff tf? where do I buy this omg

  • @cuddle sdfgyhjk i h a t e yams

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    All your traditions are great, lol even though you have none :P tbh i would rather sit and game all day then have to deal with what my fam serves for thanksgiving

  • @cuddle it's this stuff and my mom makes it almost every holiday :,^)

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    How did you do that This stuff thing? Oh wait nvm ik howI Know!

  • Usually my family makes turkey, stuffing, and dumplings. But oh my gosh- the dumplings give me LIFE.

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