Craziest Minecraft Experience?

  • What was the craziest experience you have had on the block game?

  • Hmmm, Probably meeting Mc YouTubers :>

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  • wynncraft boss battles those are crazy

  • That cringe video i saw yesterday

    Also, defeating a hacker xD

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  • okay so, i suck at uhc, but i played it once AND i WON? somehow, but yeah, i freaked out after that.

  • Getting 10234567v1 all the time smmhmh

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  • Back when I was part of the mineplex staff team, I used to be part of Trainee Management Assistance, so I helped deal with Staff Reports which are sent in by my mentees. One time when I was processing the Staff Reports, I accidentally banned one of my mentees instead of the player. Their reaction was so hilarious because they completely panicked. xD

  • Definitley HCF having a bhopper circle you and you trying to at least hit him. Gets pretty intense

  • Finding Tight and getting a screenie with him.

  • a few months after I started playing, I was on skyblock and it's got hacked and the hacker was spamming chat w/ his girlfriend's twitter and his youtube. he was putting swastikas and lava at spawn and every1 was muted and/or getting banned

    (it was a dude named OGSmeep and almost everyone that still plays on the server remembers it lol)

  • My craziest experience was probably blowing @cuddle's house up on BlockMania, what a thrill that was.

  • when I found out you can have mods and Pixelmon was one of them (This was ages ago)

  • I can't really decide between-

    • My first time seeing 8
    • Getting a combo on a speed II without having speed myself
    • Seeing Jeff in-game and later finding out that he had 3 minecon capes on him in total.

  • @Oaf i hate u how dare you sam

  • @Blue I hate those moments.

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