Hey, I'm Barney

  • I play factions, the normal factions with cannoning and raiding bases for valuables. Most people would know it as "TNT Factions" (Nothing like HCF)

    I currently play Vaelox and occasionally login to Hypixel (started recently) and I have plans to try out Saico factions with a few people I know from another server.

    Currently am going through computer science courses and beginning to throw attempts at modding Minecraft clients which has just been contributions to date.

    Just to clear up some confusion I am not your childhood nightmare (I hope) and I am not the guy who lost the job for a number of disclosed reasons beforehand. ;)

    I hope to see some new people around and get to know other players with similar interests. :)

  • @Barney Hey man, I welcome to this amazing section of the internet. I think you joined 2 hours before I did so I'm probably newer

  • Welcome to namemc Community/forums!

  • @Barney Welcome, Barney ! i'm going through computer science courses as well, they tend to get a bit challenging once in a while (':
    Have a nice day ^^

  • @Barney welcome

  • Welcome to the community :)

  • @Cuddling

    They really can get challenging, I think it's my favourite part of it as well, really makes you problem solve. Especially knowing that technology is the way society is going that the profession could one day make an impact.

    @purplesword @SquishyDog77 @Bdog @Mannors

    Thank you :)

  • welcome o/

  • Welcome Barney I hope you enjoy your stay here! :D

  • welcome lil duud ;)

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