• Yo, it's cuddle. Everyone pretty much knows me already but I wanted to make my first post on the new forums and get some more profile views, ;p. My profile is lame but whatever it's thanksgiving don't judge me.
    Here's a picture of my beautiful kitty cat:
    0_1480009749662_Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.37.27 AM.png

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  • Nice cat :) :cat:

  • wow u have a nice lookin cat

  • May I keep your cat? I want to cuddle w/ it

  • I know my cat is fucking flawless I love her. Sorry @yeriin but she's mine, you can pet her though. ღ

  • That cat kind of makes me want to eat some noodles. I have no idea why...:ramen:

  • i want your cat ;-; (i have a cat myself and he looks exactly like garfield haha)

  • @cuddle omg hii !! i'm like the walmart version of you (((':

  • ur cat is hot ;;^)

  • Welcome to the forums! CUTE CAT :)

  • 0_1480017655851_IMG_4357.JPG
    My kitty.

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