Pay 2 Win

  • What do you guys think about pay2win and do you play on server with pay2win? If you do, leave the server ip down below

  • i dont really play anymore but

  • I really just try to destroy the donors if it's a KitPvP server.

  • p2w is kinda stupid imo
    you rely on having gear that you bought and are able to 1 shot some of the nondonors that actually have skill...
    meanwhile, nondonors are working much harder to get to their position unlike those who shoot to the top
    although p2w ranks are the main source of money for most servers and owners of those complain about the eula and how they'll fund their server, many big servers arent p2w therefore there isnt a reason to complain
    (plus, having a pet follow you around is way more fun than obliterating everybody imo :p )

    But yes, I do play a p2w server which is the reason I only play spleef, build, and afk in hub nowdays

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