Hey, I'm Armi :3

  • Hello!
    I'm Armi , I'm new to the NameMc forums as most of us are.
    I obviously play Minecraft (Maybe a little too much.. i have no life ._.)
    I enjoy being sarcastic, getting involved with communities and I misread things a lot.
    I mostly play on Hypixel and the Hive, I'm MVP+ On Hypixel with a magenta + so if you see me around say Hi! :smile:
    I'm a very friendly person and always up for a game or to chat so feel free to message me :) (Idk if you even can, so yeah here's me being stupid again).

  • Banned

    Welcome to the forums armi :3

  • ty :smiley:

  • Welcome 2 the Forums!! Hope you like it

  • Welcome, Armi ^-^
    very nice to meet you !

  • welcome o/

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