What servers does everyone come from?

  • Im curious, what servers have people either originated from? Layout a time line of where you have started in minecraft.

    I originated from Shotbow map 9 I think. Not too positive if that was the exact map, but its close. Started to play a server called DestinedPvP was a great server played it till it died. Then on to Kohi, Origin, and Para for a short while, then to HorizonPvP which I was great friends with the owners, I had played with them for 3/4 years and met up with some of them at Minecon (cringe ik but it was fun to meet them). Horizon had tons and tons of players on like 350 players the first map it had went up. It was great. Sadly it is dead now seeing the owners had all quit this game and left to finish their last years of high school/college. I started playing OpticCraft like a month back quit because it was basically a bunch of kids that cheated and had played the server for years and weren't going anywhere because the admins were on their side. But as of now I play HcGames with some good friends I had played with on Origin.

    Happy Thanksgiving btw everyone!

  • I mostly play mineplex because I know a lot of people from there ! ;P

  • My first ever server was Vortex PvP or something because that was the server the guy was playing from the youtube video i watched to figure out how to play multiplayer back in like 2013. I started watching SSundee and found an interest in factions in about 2014. I added all the factions servers I could find and I added Minebrawl. I didn't like it and left and came back in a few months. In August 2014 I started playing prison on that server and have been playing since.

  • GotPvP was the first Minecraft server i ever played on, so it has kinda a special place in my heart but sooo many servers are waay better such as Wynncraft, Badlion, Hypixel, Mineplex. (My Favs)

  • Mostly played on woodycraft before it shut down now just play some popular hcf servers

  • The very first server that I got into was RP Guilds, a role play server back in the summer of 2013. The only reason I joined it was because it looked cool, I didn't even like RP. Regardless, the people were nice and I played it excessively for a few months. Then, October 1st of that year I joined Hypixel for the first time. Boy, would that be the most impactful choice I would ever make in any video game in my life. TNT Wizards was the first game I played, and that was awesome. Around the same time, I got into the Overcast Network. In November of that year, I was deciding which server I wanted to purchase a rank on - Hypixel or Overcast; I chose Hypixel. I played more and more, Bow Spleef then Blitz Survival Games. Then in May of 2014 I applied for staff at Hypixel, and got accepted as a Jr Helper the next month. Since then, I've made my way to Helper and then Moderator. Now I spend my Minecraft days moderating Hypixel! :)

    So yeah, those are my server origins. And as the OP said, happy Thanksgiving to everyone! :D

  • @JakeDaaBud Nice I actually play hypixel quite a bit, I play lots of blitz and sometimes Skywars

  • @Blue I forgot to put woody in there but at one point I played early maps of Woody

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    Yeah.... I am drifting currently looking for a good server. To be honest I like building so i build on this one server, and I've placed a few thousand blocks, eh I like building. Im Staff on one server, then "staff" on a bunch of other server, Oped on countless servers. I mean, if you have any suggestions ill gladly take them, lol.

  • @bb woody was the goat. Played optic too

  • I started on HiveMC and moved to hypixel, I now play mainly small servers!

  • I started on cosmicpvp.me then i heard about us.mineplex.com

  • I first started out on cosmicpvp.me first them since I'm not a nerd I just never played any other mc games until one of the members asked me if i play mineplex I said yes but that was a lie I never been there Lol until this day I go there like one time and just dump around cause I like the viewing( no friends ) so right now I'm in HS and really don't wont to play mc that much but I do play vanilla mc on my own time, get to know more about this game.

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    I was obsessed with hypixel when I first got minecraft but now I mostly play mineplex

  • @DownAndDirty opposite of me, I used to play mineplex then It got boring and I got perma muted then I started to play on Hypixel now Hypixel is my favorite

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    @Bdog wait what did you say to get perm muted lmao

  • @DownAndDirty I said ". Craft" now I'm perma muted. I've applied but they disagree and say stay muted. I've been muted for 2 to 3 years now lol

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    @Bdog mineplex logic

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