What community are you from?

  • Hey i'm Nestia. I think it's awesome that NameMC created a community because I think it's going to bring a lot of people together who don't play on the same server as others. I mainly am in the Mineplex community(Lvl 85), and I was just interested to see the what community a lot of the people are from on NameMC, so yeah feel free to respond if you want ^-^

  • I'm from the mineplex community too! That kinda feels weird to say :joy: Dom is a great game, Level 71. What do you play? I think I might've seen you somewhere.

  • @Tumblr_

    omg, I've tried to get into Dom many times but it's never really worked, I guess I don't find it fun but yesterday my friend helped me create a better kit on Ranger so maybe it'll get better? I play Turf Wars & Skywars the most but I like a lot of the games on mp too. You seem kinda familiar too! (I spent 10 minutes trying to find the crying laughing emoji and i still can't find it omfg)

  • @Nestia haha xD maybe we could play together sometime, Dom is pretty fun but you got those annoying people who bow spams and ks's and 4v1ing you. My main kit is knight, Hilt 4 (5 depending on how savage you are) Deflection 2, Fort. 3, Res 3. Dom is great. And yeah, namemc should have a better better emoji finding system :joy: (that the emoji you were looking for?)

  • I also come from the mineplex community. I play micro battle and skywars a lot ;p

  • @yeriin

    ooo nice, i think i have 300 micro battle wins but i don't play it much anymore cus i think i got tired of all the hackers in that game ;-;

  • Ahhh gees everyone is from mineplex, I'm from Hypixel :D

  • I find I come from many communities, some more than others of course since I've played a wide range of servers over my time. (Most factions) previous communities I was involved with were OpticCraft, Gontroller, Mineage, the three I played much in the past, Optic I stopped recently.

    For current communities I would need to go with Vaelox/this one, the amount of times I've used namemc to search something up on a daily was surprising. Not to mention, I can't imagine as much drama can occur here as on a factions server. :)

  • Hypixel SkyWars, Lvl 41

  • @Barney Never heard of Vaelox :o may I know the ip? I'd love to check it out sometime, it's been awhile sense I've played Factions.

    Same! I've used NameMC so many times it's now on my recent tabs lmao.

  • @Nestia

    I don't see anything in the rules against server IP's (correct me if I'm wrong)

    Although the IP is play.vaelox.com, it's more in a limbo state currently until they reset the map coming up in about 2 weeks. Just playing with a few old friends that returned to Minecraft after a long absence period.

  • Hypixel & The Hive community.

  • @Clqire good thing im not the only one from hypickle

  • I'm also from the mineplex community (level 65), I honestly play a lot of dom, because it's a great game with lots of customization, and I play tons of sg, because the kits and maps are great, and each game is different from the rest, with new challenges.
    Other games i play a lot:
    micro battles,
    speed builders,
    dragon escape

    but dom and survival games are my main games. <3

  • @Mannors I'm obsessed with Hypixel almost lvl 64 :o

  • @Clqire Sadly, my other account was taken over by my sister so I had to get a new one. (Started this Aug) But wow 64 gg

  • @Mannors Aww so sad, hope you can catch up on the new one, & thanks!

  • @lyvm ooo we should team in sg or skywars 😂. i was like looking at your profile and what does upvoting do or mean?? 😬

  • Oh! Thats awesome! I'm from both the Mineplex forums, ( http://www.mineplex.com/profile/12532077 ) and the Minecraft PartyZone forums ( https://mcpz.net/members/seth.18738 )

  • I'm from hypixel. :)

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