Name History, Name Watches, NameMC Application

  • I think you should be able to save a name(s) that you would like to change your minecraft account to. You should have a “Saved” section under your account name at the top right, and be able to click on it and keep track of the date of it becoming available. NameMC should have an application for Mac/iOS & Windows so you can be notified from the app of when the name you have saved, has been confirmed available. Another idea could be setting a timer calculated to, say, 5 minutes before the name is available so you can be prepared to try and get it.

    Also, NameMC should add an option to buy, or earn/do some sort of “chore” or what not to erase your name history. If this was an option, it should be able to be erased, and ask the person for their current username, and confirm it with a code on blockmania. I think this is a good idea because many people don’t like their name history.

    Please upvote so this is directed to them because these would be some positive improvements that I think most people would like to see.

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