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  • Background:

    As stated in Choons' post ( which can be read here: ), KitPvP was removed from the BlockMania Network somewhere around a year ago. Choons' makes a valid point by saying that KitPvP costed money to maintain and run, with nothing in return. Although I fully agree with this statement, I can confidently say that the majority, including me, of the active BlockMania players preferred KitPvP over the Raid server and that can clearly be shown by the vacancy of the server itself. In no way am I trying to insult Choons nor the Raid server, I truly just miss KitPvP and have a few ideas on how it could bring money into the server to either break even or possibly make profit as well.


    Prefixes - As already implemented on the Hub server, prefixes could either be transferred over or manipulated to fit the "PvP scene" - For Example: Prefixes that correlate with PvP such as "Combo" or "God" etc.

    Particles - Soon to be included on the Hub but could definitely make an appearance on a KitPvP server. These could be bought and toggled on and off whenever the player pleases - For Example: Custom particles that trail behind the player as they walk, not too large and low to the ground so it doesn't interfere with the PvP experience ( Arrow trails could be another possibility ). Also, custom on-hit particles that overall would just change up the same-old particles you use everyday.

    Nicknames - Charge players to gain the permission to nickname themselves to whatever they please ( As long as its not inappropriate ) and have an indicator for when someone is using a nickname. You could also create separate packages for different colors that would cost a small amount extra per color - For Example: Steve45 = *Steve


    If Choons does happen to see this, I hope he truly takes these ideas into consideration and makes an effort to bring KitPvP back. I've been playing BlockMania for quite some time now and have watched people that played every single day practically quit or come on very rarely due to the removal of KitPvP. In my honest opinion, adding KitPvP back will not only bring loads of new players to the server, but bring a lot of older players back who have stopped playing as often, if at all, after KitPvP was removed. Alongside this, with new players comes new supporters of the server and I can guarantee that a vast amount of people, including myself, would pay to have some of the cosmetic changes listed above.

    Thank you for reading, I hope this at least gets seen by Choons, and if this is Choons, please bring KitPvP back. :smile: :crossed_swords:

  • first off

    it was also stated in Choons' post that the kits server was never intended to be an actual server--and it will not be coming back, to state the obvious.

    the server you all call "KitPvP" was nothing more than a few command blocks that gave you kits and speed and stuff and let you run around on a map and fight each other while you waited for the actual /raid server to be put in place.

    please note that the /raid server is still not entirely finished. (more on that in a sec)

    feature suggestion response

    prefixes - yes, already implemented--good prefix suggestions, i guess, just not so sure about entire words--i believe we're trying to stick to the symbols-only route

    particles - going to be implemented, yes--as far as your suggestions for implementing these, prefixes, and the like into the kits server, as i already stated before, the kits server isn't coming back.

    nicknames - absolutely not.

    finally, the conclusion

    so, more on the /raid server--and Blockmania itself.

    Blockmania's still in-dev, we're still working on all the gamemodes and features and all that it'll have to offer once it's finished, when we will advertise the server on NameMC and in general.

    in your post, you talk about how players are quitting and stuff due to "kitpvp" going away--that's barely anyone, and that is not our main concern.

    i know i sound heartless with that remark, like i'm saying "let them quit lol we don't need them" or something, but it is the truth--we're not going to bring back a gamemode that got us maybe ten more players per day, cost Choons a ton to run, and had zero benefits for the server money-wise.

    we have plans to update /raid with all of the features it's meant to have--tracking (so you can actually find people and raid them), mob capturing, etc.

    we also have plans for a parkour server, which we'll be able to implement a ton of cosmetics in, and possibly some other gamemodes down the line.

    anyway that's all i got, "kitpvp" isn't coming back. (ever, seriously, stop asking, it's annoying.)


  • Owner

    I actually said that an actual kit server might be in the works once more cosmetic features are finished but it's not nearly our top priority. We made a fancy kit server a while ago but the developer that was working on it quit the team and it's too messy for any other devs to sort out and go through, so not sure if that'll ever be usable.

    When our dev has more time, or if by some miracle a talented old dev of ours comes back to help again, we have several other things that make way more sense to work on than the kit "server" which, as xcw said, was just command blocks and no plugins.

  • @xcw I understand that "KitPvP" will not be coming back now. I was never told for sure if it was never coming back. I have high hopes for BlockMania and look forward to what Choons included in his reply, along with whatever else you guys throw at us. Thanks for the clarification. :thumbsup_tone2:

  • @Choons That's great to hear, like I said to @xcw I'm excited to see what you guys are working on and I'll be playing on BlockMania regardless of what gets released and when. I know you guys are working hard and my apologies for dragging on such an old topic. Also, sorry to hear about your former developer, I hope he comes back to help you guys out. Thanks again.

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