• I need help... Can you inform me on how to make or edit a selected skin? I am not sure how to edit my skin because i want to add stuff to my selected skin. Or just if i could make one, even though I'm really bad at that xD

    Anyway so please help me guys!!
    Thanks a lot! <3

  • to edit your current skin or create one yourself, you can use the Skindex editor or minecraftskin(dot)net, which is what i sometimes use.

    hope this helps.

  • Just go here

    and then in the white box on the left enter your username and you can then edit your skin.

    When you've finished editing, go to the export section which is the second box from the bottom to the right of the color wheel, then change that to your skin.

  • @psychicberry This may be the solution to making the skin, but what about editing?

  • Ok you can enter your username in the box and edit that, or go to the bottom box to the right of the color palette the import one and then use one from your computer

  • @kikifloof It does help, a little bit. Thank you but how do you actually edit a current skin? Because i used it before i found NameMC to get skins and edit them. Thats why i thought you could probs edit it on NameMC too.

    @psychicberry GREAT!! Thanks heaps!! Thats what i was looking for! Hey, and also since your here, can you help me with the solution of how much money it actually costs to buy a Optifine cape? Like, how much do you donate?

    A big thanks to both of you!!

  • It's $10 like PayPal or credit card or something, but you can also use a $10 subway card last time I checked, you buy the card then put in the code or whatever, my friend did it and it worked

  • @psychicberry Subway card HHAHA!!! No, I'm sorry i couldn't do that because we don't have subways here in Australia xD But thanks for the tip!! :P

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