YAAAS QUEEN MC >> Semi-Vanilla [Creative] [Survival] [PvP] [Parkour]

  • Hello! My name is Jamie, and I am the current Owner of YAAAS QUEEN MC, a semi-vanilla LGBTQ+ friendly server.

    We are pretty simple, but we offer great multiplayer survival, plots, and pvp options as well as some parkour maps.

    We do not tolerate hate or discrimination of any kind, and we promote tolerance and inclusion of everybody.

    We are currently in need of several dedicated players and staff to grow our community. We offer ranks that can be purchased with in game money, and we have a friendly community of loving people.

    We hope to see you join soon!! The IP is

  • I believe you are mistaken. I think you mean LGBTQFNISDFNICZIJN77π²++#%%4 friendly server.

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