Ban Information Needed

  • I got banned by xcw, supposedly for making threats that I can't remember.
    Apparently they're as far back as January though?
    I'd just like to know a few things:

    1. Can I get examples of what was actually said?
    2. Why were my logs being looked at when I hadn't been on in like 4 months or so?
    3. Haven't the rules changed between January and now? (Honest question, haven't checked)

    But yeah I mean an unban would be cool, if I actually did threaten anyone I really do apologize, I don't recall that happening but I guess it isn't out of the realm of possibility.
    Also my bad for evading, ban function just doesn't provide a reason and making a topic on that alone seems pretty pointless. I'm aware IP logging is a thing so it wasn't an attempt to try and covertly slip back onto the server.

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