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  • I think I am in love with this website... it's like mixed in with all kinds of other social medias. I know Reddit is very similar to this. But the profiles, UGH, in love.

  • Ngl, at first it wasn't my favorite. But, after using it, I love it as well. :p

  • ngl i love it.

  • Same i love it xD

  • It's entertaining to be on :3

  • @yeriin I agree

  • Its really something nice to bring Minecraft's community more together. This game honestly has one of the best communities and one of the worst. Everyone plays a part in making this community better, and these forums are a really good way ti bring the entire community of Minecraft together in 1 place. We gotta all work together to spread them #PositiveVibes though, which so far, i would say this forum has been nothing but positiveness :)

    Really giving me hope for Minecraft's community.

  • It's really fun oml

    It's nice to be able to talk about anything and not just one server, and it's a good difference from most minecraft forums or communities I've been on ^ ^

  • So right. Its like a things. You know?

  • I know right...

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