Is it just me or is the entirety of this site full of "depressed" teens and weeaboos?

  • Seriously, I can't take it. If you head to trending or new skins it's nothing but edgy teens trying to be cool. I find it hard to believe that EVERYONE here is anti-social, has problems at home, likes anime, does bad in school, and is an overall social outcast.

    You people seriously need to find your own identities because trust me, it's NOT hard to spot those who are just trying to "fit in".

    And if you have "senpai" anywhere in your name, I have lost all respect for you as an individual. Not to mention people who replace letters like "a" to "q" in their names.

  • ima slit my wrists now

  • Alright guess I need to change my ign to Pyrqt3chn1c to fit in.

  • well fuck i've had SenpaiKitKatO_O and SenpaiKat as igns i guessed i am an antisocial teenager x'D

    i agree with you though lol the namemc trending page is just full of stolen skin parts slapped on an eboy/egirl
    often they will go by names such as MiuMiuOnigiri, xN3lly, xCaroline :middle_finger:, or eSugarDaddy

    it angers me to see original and well created skins go unnoticed, but just like xCaroline does, add some red to the eyes and you're suddenly on the trending page lol

  • @Faintheartedness there's barely any bronies around here.

  • seriously? i understand this is your opinion, but people can do what the want with their usernames? and the people, such as myself, that are depressed? yeah, it fucking hurts when ignorant people such as yourself say things such as that. yeah, i'm fucking depressed. yeah, i have a bit of social anxiety, but so do most people. this is not your place to say anything.
    yes, i do agree, there are people trying to pretend to be depressed or have major anxiety over anything, to look 'cool' or 'fit in'
    being depressed isn't fucking cool, and it's not a joke, coming from someone who has personally dealt with depression, and things of that topic.

  • lmao. not everyone seeks for attention like you do. sorryyy but most people are not exactly perfect human beings who are social butterflys and have the perfect life. oh yeah and who said you cannot have good grades if you are online a lot? becauseeee i have highest gpa and i even have a "v" replacing an "o" !!!!

  • "everyone"

  • You're pretty damn accurate. Personally I don't mind people with generic names or skins at this point since it's pretty much a meme and it's also a bad way to judge someone, although it's considerably accurate. I myself went through a stage where I wanted a name with some "originality" even if it required a degree in language to know what it ment because I was desperate for name compliments, instead of just keeping the made-up pronounceable name with no meaning that I had a year ago (Xoko), Even though the name I ever had any compliments on was SweepingEdge of all names. Then I realized how sad and petty that was and just went back to short names with no meaning.

  • time for triggered comments // let's be honest though I mean, we're all here cause of Minecraft...

  • @Faintheartedness I remember when no one cared what skins people had

  • @NoOneLikesKougo He’s not talking about people who are actually depressed but to people that PRETEND to be depressed and act all anti-social

  • @Faintheartedness +1

    I can't take it either. It really pisses me off how people flaunt their supposed depression for attention. I doubt any of them really are depressed. If they were depressed, why would they be telling everyone if they weren't doing it for the attention? Many people do not know the difference between depression and sadness.

    Also, many people are anti-social and have problems at home and like anime, but probably don't have depression.

    Personally, I think that people who have minor problems at home and like anime try to fit in with the "edgy teen with depression", often exaggerating the true state of their situation to try and fit in with the 'trend' (If that's what you want to call it)


    Everything you ever say here is about your "depression" and "suicidal thought", but whenever someone so much as mentions it, you get offended ASF. If it "fucking hurts" when people mention depression, why do you tell everyone that you have depression? This is a minecraft forum, not a fucking therapist. If you are depressed, keep it to yourself and go get help from a professional.

  • @SendNoose JEEEEEZ wElL ThATS a WaY TO lAY iT oUt DamN

  • @SendNoose : )

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