who needs friends on NameMC or a chat app

  • If anyone is in need of a friend on NameMC or some chat app, ask me. for the chat apps discord or Skype is ideal. So just friend me on NameMC, ign Snowflqkes, or just say u wanna be my friend in the comments and I'll pm u.

    Also who likes ASMR


    Read this

  • @Snowflqkes Jeez the randomness missy

  • i would if i knew how :(
    pls tell how

  • @Exturnus ikr im sorry if it bothers you.
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    NameMC: namemc.com
    Search up Snowflakes
    Near the skin area, there's a "Download Skin" and an "Add Friend" button
    Click the "Add Friend" button
    You must identify that you aren't a robot by solving a captcha.
    Your friend request will be sent, and I can accept the request and we'll be friends ;D
    Discord: discord.gg
    Or the Discord app
    Go to your Friends page
    Click the button that looks like a person with a plus on it.
    Type the username and then right after, their Discord #
    Example: Test#0000
    Your friend request will be sent. Click on the person you sent a friend request to and look at their profile.
    Click on the three dots that appear and load up a conversation to chat.
    Skype: skype.com
    Or use the Skype app
    You will need the person you wish to add's email. Type it in and preferably their username or phone number as well. Then you can chat with them or call them.

  • @Snowflqkes friend me!
    Discord: RedstoneMCGamer3819

  • @RedstoneMCGamer sorry not now I'm on a discord ban

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