A Christmas Story

  • All I Want For Christmas Variation (A Minecraft Story)
    --- Original by Citrus Kirby, Lola Bai, showsomeremorse, and Coo KC ---

    All I want for Christmas is a Minecraft friend,
    Diamonds, emeralds, already got 'em.
    Riding around the Christmas tree on my white horse,
    I can only wish for a friend.

    "That's a really good snow golem!"
    "Thanks. I like your horse."
    "Yeah, it's pretty sweet. Got it when I was 8."
    "So what are you doing here, anyways? Aren't you one of those rich kids?"
    "I guess I am. I have pretty much everything I need."
    "Wow. I wish I could live your life. I don't have much, just a small floor in an apartment and a hard school to go to. A big family."
    "I have a huge castle made of quartz, many blue orchids and tulips, villager butlers, iron golems, snow golems, a minecart railways system leading to an amazing cave, a whole bunch of chests with loot, and sets of diamond armored knights in the hallways. I'm an only child. Just me and my parents. A posh school that has fun subjects like polo and ice skating. I only have one thing that's missing in my life, and it's especially important."
    "What is it? There's also one thing in my life that could make it better."
    "A friend."
    "Yeah. A rich guy like me should have many friends, right? Well, not me. All those people at the posh school, they don't really be mean to me, but they aren't social to me at all. They are very social to each other, and there's nothing I can do to join them. The houses around my mansion, the people there don't like me. They keep bullying me, taking my diamonds I mined fresh from the cave, stealing my weapons and killing my wolves. I came here to escape them. They're so mean. I wonder why."
    "You know, I'm also missing a friend. The other things in my life I'm grateful for. My apartment floor. My brothers and sisters. My mom and dad. Even though I have to share a room with my siblings, it's better than living on the street and having no family, right? I go to a normal school. One more affordable. Even there, I'm bullied a lot. I don't want to tell or else I think I'm a tattle-tale. Those people, they're so bad. They take my lunch every day and sometimes blame me for things they've done themselves. Like splattering squid ink on the windows of the classroom. Like scribbling all over the textbooks with my special rainbow-ink quill that was my birthday present. Like stealing other people's pets. I can't believe it, they've made me look like the bully. A friend would help me stand up to these bullies."
    "Looks like we each have the same problem. Being lonely and bullied. So, you want to be friends?"
    "Of course!"
    "Great! Hey, do you celebrate Christmas? It's around this time of year."
    "Yes. It's one of my favorite holidays. You?"
    "Mhm. Best thing ever besides my birthday."
    "This Christmas, I was going to wish for a friend, but since I have you, I don't know what to wish for."
    "My rich parents always choose what I get for Christmas. This year, they want me to learn how to drive a Lamborghini 4 years early for Christmas. They already paid the money to the car-driving place and to get me a blue Lamborghini. I don't want that. I'm gonna flunk the drivers test. I just want my life to be less restricted. I can't go anywhere by myself besides the castle without a butler, half a stack of golden apples, steak, these wolves, my horse, my sword, and my diamond armor and cape. It's nice to have some freedom."
    "Yeah? I get to go anywhere I want within the Overworld. Nether and End trips are limited to going with my 18 year old brother. He's probably just gonna smoke magma cream or eat chorus fruit the whole time and not even care about my safety."
    "You're lucky. I think I'm gonna wish for freedom this Christmas."
    "Meh. I'm gonna wish for that new video game coming out in a couple days. The one with the kraken."
    "I already have that game. My parents paid the video game company a bunch of money to get a copy to me early. It's really good. Wanna come over to my castle?"
    "C'mon. Get on my horse, and let's go!"

  • I wrote a story once.

  • Nice how was it

  • @Pyrotechnic this is an EDIT of a STORY that I FOUND 50mwH3r3 0v3r tH3 r41nb0wZ

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