How do people make NameMC Skin Designs?

  • I don't get how people can make the namemc designs like that with skins, someone wanna explain or show me please?

    Example :

  • @F5 pure talent. (and I assume a lot of skin changes)

  • @Mannors Very explanatory, jk get off my thread.

  • Greetings @F5,

    I don't know if You take it seriously or not because "F5 already has that" or what? Well there might be some other ways to do that. But anyways it is all about playing with the skin order and pixels. It also depends on how many rows do You want to add but You can't change the width of the picture because it shows 10 skins in 1 row. Alright so for example, let's take a Minecraft pig face picture:

    alt text

    1. You need to resize the picture (depending on how many rows do You want to add).

    • 3 rows= 80 x 24

    • 4 rows= 80 x 32

    • 5 rows= 80 x 40

    If You want it to be like like 10 x 3(Like You F5 had) then follow these steps:

    • You can use the same image for example. The pre-sized is here: alt text
    • So like the image it self must be 80 x 24 pixels and imagine, every head is a part of this image.

    alt text

    • When the head in Minecraft skin is 8x8 then (8 x 3) is the row and (8 x 10) is the width of the row.

    alt text

    • So all You have to do is take the Pig image parts (8x8) and paste it to Your head slot in Your skin layout.

    alt text

    If You don't know how and where to get the skin layout, just download a minecraft skin .png and open it. I recommend to use for that. (Download: PAINT.NET)

    I hope it helped, If You got any questions, feel free to ask.

  • @Thony Sorry for the late response. I've already figured out how to do it, but this is very helpful. I appreciate it.

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