Namemc could send messages

  • So as you guys know, namemc is very popular and I love it myself like a lot xD but sometimes it gets irritating when you wanna chat with someone you added as a friend but you can’t because they don’t have social media. Well I was wondering maybe you guys could add in something so we could send messages on namemc.

  • @UhYes This would be a great feature. Maybe make it so you can have the option of being able to accept messages from anyone, your friends, or just staff. I know the forums have a private message feature but not many people use it.

  • They wont add this.

  • It would be cool, but I doubt they add it

  • I was thinking the same, bc I want to talk with some friends that I can't contact bc they don't have any social media, it would be cool, tbh.

  • @UhYes I'm a little late, but they do have a feature on the forums for you to be able to chat with them. (Top right) If they wanted to talk, then they should open up a forums account, but I guess there's no way for you to directly tell/hint them that. So I guess that's a good feature for them to add. Doesn't seem like they're updating anything soon though...

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