How can a stuffed bear be worth a hundred thousand bucks?????

  • I have 2 of these and 2 other ones that are worth more
    don't rob my house just cuz of that on a Tuesday ;c
    it would really suck for me to miss seeing u put in jail.

    Those aren't my hands and that isn't my house. But I own the bear.

  • @Snowflqkes the bear is stuffed with 100 1000 bucks?

  • BlockMania Administrator

    They were really popular teddy bears last decade. The beanie bears/beanie kids/beanie babies were collectables and common. I believe they aren't being made or collected as much any more, so their value has gone up. I used to own a couple of them while growing up. My parents would occasionally purchase them because they knew the value would go up in value in years to come.

  • @Toby64HB those beanie babies bear stuffed animals are worth like 100,00$ on eBay

    @Xeronsis thank you for the information really appreciated c:

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