I dare you to be sympathetic or pathetic. the choice is yours

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    i do wish someone would be my friend. I am in need of one, and there ain't anyone that be willing. just a lil country girl in ripped overalls and a muddy white shirt. me father shot in the war, me mother won over someone else's heart. can I do much? no. can I have fun? no. can I have a family? no. can I have a friend?

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    whats an og name? yeah little SpongeBobBleach4 u wish u had an og name? one that wouldn't get a person banned for saying your name? you want that? yeah? come and get it, meme dog! come here. get your NameMC right here right now, up and running, search your og name...

    muted for advertising on hypixel ;c

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  • garbage

    mr. Right about EveryThing in Life itSelf

  • Yous dumb hacked account. You no speak . You no post.

  • @Snowflqkes can i be friend?

  • @Toby64HB yeah

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