• Hey could you remove one name from my name history because I am op on one server and one troll on that server used that name too and got huge criminal record on that and few other servers. And people often mistakes me for him and complains why I got operator with record like that. Name is Cosilboi

  • @Masaeipeleipelaa I'm afraid that's won't happen. Mojang makes past usernames publicly available and NameMC is meant to display them conveniently.

  • @Masaeipeleipelaa namemc can't remove it, you would have to ask mojang.

  • @Masaeipeleipelaa sorry that will not happen u will have to ask mojang...:l

  • Greetings,

    Unfortunately it isn't possible to change Your name history at all because it is linked to Your UUID. Mojang can't do anything to change the history unless there is a really good or a special reason for that. The only way to solve this, is to buy an alt account. But if You are on a budget then You need to rectify Your account, so that the players wont think that you were the same hacker. It can take long but worth for a try. And the last thing is that the name "Cosilboi" is only claimed by You, not anybody else. So it seems like the player was a typical cheater who used Your name with a cracked client on a cracked server(s). Let me tell You something, if the server is a cracked server then the players/staff should know that you might not be the same player "Cosilboi" they can also check the IP address. And again if it's a cracked server then that means it isn't a big server. You better search a premium server and play there, unless it wasn't the real reason You said. I hope it helped.

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