Can't see the skins that I've downloaded

  • I was looking for an old skin and a friend told me about NameMC so I looked on here and it had a skin that I NEVER had on before and didn't have any of my skins but that one, It's gone now but not all of my skins are on there. And when I download a skin from it. It takes it off and I can't see it. I need help please.

  • Oh, go to "edit profile" than you will see the tab ":Skins

  • Greetings,

    @Roria, It seems you might have a browser issue, try using another browser. NameMC is an exact coded website, which gets most of the public info from Mojang including your Minecraft username history and skins, so it really can't be their mistake, maybe you just forgot that you had that skin. It can be also possible that the old skin you had was changed again before the 1.8 version of Minecraft was released as well as NameMC. So that means NameMC didn't register your previously changed skin. It only registered the skin that you had in that time when the NameMC website was released.

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