Joke Hallway (Collection of Good & Bad Jokes)

  • I'm going to be posting some jokes in here because.... I'm bored and I like jokes. Some might be antijokes which are really random but just ignore them if you get triggered.
    How does the moon cut its hair?
    Eclipse It.

    Where is your nose on your face?
    The Scent Ter

    How does jack frost get to work?
    On a By Icicle

    When I found out my toaster was not water proof I was shocked!

    The spider is on the keyboard. I think it's under control.

    Never trust an atom. Them make up everything.

    Why can't you hear a ptaradactyol go to the bathroom? Because the p is silent.

    Name 4 mess who are in a rock group but don't sing or dance. Mount Rushmore.

    How did abe Lincoln get out of being tried for murder? He said he was in-a-cent

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