• just reached 100 friends
    going for 200!

  • congrats

  • wow, so popular

  • Hi degno! I'm on your friends list and look at your skins a lot and love the style, now i have a question do you edit some of your skins? or just find them if you find them (where do you) cause i look on namemc just don't usually see skins like that, and if you do edit them. do you think you could edit me a skin.. if you could that would be amazing cause your the only one i like of skin wise, :) now if you could the skin i want edited is, well just go to my namemc and click on the girl in the duck onesie and if you do edit and could edit for me do you think you could edit that into a boy skin? :p if so thanks. :D Namemc: SaltMeDaddy ~~

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