Helper Applcation (re up)

  • In Game Name: Lucxy

    Discord ID: Lucxy#7376

    Age: 13

    Timezone: United States CST

    How Active Could You Be? I can be on 2-5 hours a day when I have school but when I don't have school I could be on 4-6 maybe 7 hours

    How Would I spot A Hacker? I would watch the player for a while until I see hacks after I would ban him

    (scenario) If I Muted a Well Known Player And a bunch of People Started Messaging Me Telling Me To Unmute The Player: What I would do is tell them why he was muted and that if they diden't stop messaging me I would temp-mute (or something like that).

    Why Should We Accept You As Staff? I think you should accept me as staff because I have had experience with moderating servers / owning servers the server I was staff on I built my way up to become a Manager (helper, jr.mod, mod, head-mod, admin, head-admin, manager) plus I know A LOT about discord and could really help with that. also I think I could help build a lot

    Why Do You Want To Apply For Staff? I want to apply for staff because I enjoy being staff and helping servers and have been staff on many other servers and want to become staff again, I also would like to help you guys because theres A LOT of hackers and I hate it :( .

    What Makes Your Application Better Then Everyone Else Who Applies? What makes me better is how active I could be (when im not at school) and while being active I could really help the server and make sure no one hacks in mini

    Tell Us A little Bit About Yourself: I have been playing minecraft for 3 years almost 4 years I owned my server and it had about 5 players on daily and the server I was staff on had about 8 players on daily I haven't been staff on a server in about a mounth I think I could commit my time on this server and help out a lot.

    I hope you consider my application - Lucxy

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