add me on namemc, question

  • Ok so please add me on namemc IGn is determind
    and i have a diffrent account with the name oldish how much do you think it can go for ?

  • @determind I'd value your other account at ~110 millimarcs, put I personally prefer the name determind to oldish.

  • what is a millimars

  • @determind A millimarc is a unit for MC account 'value' (and I prefer it to $ or £ since it's technically illegal to sell MC accounts without Mojang's approval).

    It's based off of marc's account, which has a cool name, lots of capes and is very well-known. It has a lot of value so it's said to be worth 1 marc (or 1,000 millimarcs). I first mentioned it on this thread.

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