So it's Been a Year

  • You know, in one full year on this forum, I don't think I ever took the time to introduce myself.

    Hi, I'm 5Hz but some call me PixlPlex. Not sure how many people here actually play Minecraft, but I still like to from time to time - mostly survival but also a bit of building and parkour. I don't really play other video games so much; used to enjoy Super Mario Galaxy, Halo 2, and BIONICLE Heroes quite a lot, though.

    IRL, I come from sunny, sweet home United Kingdom and am a fluent speaker of the Queen's English. Some of my hobbies include drawing, hiking and badminton - but I mustn't say too much since you're all just a bunch of Internet strangers and I can't trust any of you.

    In all seriousness, I've really enjoyed talking to you guys over the past year. It's nice to be a part of a smaller, online community where people know one another, even if it has begun to taper off for a few months now. Maybe there'll be a resurgence, or maybe we'll all be dead this time next year. Who knows? Anyway - a big thanks to @Choons, @CoderTim and the other administrators, and thanks to you for being an awesome person!

    Here's to NameMC, Blockmania and the future!

  • @5Hz Happy one year! :)

  • all the OG's making 1 year posts hah

  • @Mannors ur turn

  • @Kaytherine woah i'm an OG?

  • @Mannors yes, you are an original gangster.

  • @Kaytherine gang gang skrt skrt pull up.

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